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Savita Getting Trapped

Hi Shilpa this is Savita just mailing what happened to me so you can understand what happens to a women when is taken in to a different world. I married Manohar who was small time worker in MIDC Pune and we come from a very poor family. I never used to wear bra too even after my wedding so my breasts are smooth and big after I had my first daughter. But that doesn’t mean I am so beautiful. I am 5.4 brownish complex and normal looking girl.

The second stuff is that I too worked in a net café as my husbands earning is not that much so to help him I started working at a nearby net café keeping our daughter at one of my husbands cousin’s place.

The owner Paresh had other business he has tourist cars and use to sells computers and printers and mobile lot of stuff. He had also agencies of internet connection and he has almost 7 offices in the same building. He had his flat on the second floor where he use to sit most of the time.

There were few other females working but everyone knew he was bastard. He never disrespected any of the office women and hardly talked to them but we came to know from other male staff that he was womanizer and use to spend lot of money on call girls.

It was almost after a year of working gaining his confidence and he gave me more responsibilities and also increased my work load along with the salary. He use to keep money with me telling to give to his drivers or his other engineers. I was very loyal to him with respect to him and I made sure not a single paisa is less of what he gave.

Once he gave me Rs. 50, 000/- and told me to make three payments as he was going to Bombay for some work. I kept in the drawer where I usually keep it and the next day in the morning when I checked it was gone. I also didn’t know what to do and out of the blue my father in law was very ill so my husband too was not there as he had taken our one and half year old daughter so I won’t have any problem while working. I was shit scared and didn’t know what to do.

I called Paresh sir and told him what happened and he was really bad mouthed and cursed me with all the bad words without bothering I am women. He came back that day very late in the evening and I was with him alone in his office where he told this is bad and he has to give police complaint and let them do what they want to do. (For a girl of my background Police means trouble shame and all that stuff. In fact my husband had a complaint of rash driving and the case was still on at that time with all the trouble. It wasn’t major accident but two people were injured and the case went for a long time and I knew how he was troubled though it was not his fault)

I was scared as the keys were with me and somebody stole from my desk without my knowledge so the blame could obviously come to me. I pleaded him and he told that where will the 50000 come from and he told if I hadn’t taken then why I am afraid of the same. But still I told him the police will question me and so on. I was on his knees to help me with the situation. But in doing so my sari had come down and my breast were on his legs.

Paresh sir told 50000 is a big amount for me but if I want can repay it with letting him do what he wants and telling the same his hands came on my shoulder lifting me up seeing my sari phallu down I tried to pick it up to which let it be and his hands came on my left breast. I was shocked with the same.

I had my crying telling how he can think about the same and all that stuff and he was adamant telling me its give and take relationship as I made a loss to him I have to repay it. I still remember our argument started around 7:45 pm and at 9 pm sharp with lot of ifs buts no and yes lot of bad words from Paresh sir and all that arguments I agreed with no other options left with me.

His hands came on my shoulders and took me inside. I had seen it but today I felt it was like quicksand or something like that it was his bedroom and once inside he closed the door and he pushed me on the big bed and removed his shirt and his trousers along with his underwear. I couldn’t believe seeing the same and eyes were fixed on his cock. He said what are you looking at he said stroking his proud cock. I was shocked at seeing his prick. It was almost much bigger and fatter then what my husband had. Paresh sir brought his hand on my face and was slowly moving the same showing his prick in all its glory. I felt frightened thinking what it could do to my poor body and me. Paresh sir smiled while massaging my cheeks said take it in your hand. I didn’t say anything, as I knew I am gone. He won’t stop without fucking me and brought my hand and held his throbbing prick.

“Ab apne moo mein chooso isse” Sir said gripping my hairs. I didn’t respond to the same, as I had never done the same before. Paresh sir held his cock and started hitting on my cheeks I pleaded him, to which he hit his cock hard on my nose, which really hurt me “jo bolta huw vo karneka, samzi kay”.

I had no option other then taking his huge cock in my mouth. The moment it was near my mouth I had split my mouth wide open to take his cock. My mouth was totally dry he pulled his cock back and spitted inside my mouth twice, “abh choos rand chal jaldi, mera lund dekhe tere muh ka pani kay sukh gaya kay.”

His cock started sliding in and out of my mouth smoothly as he spitted another 2-3 times in my mouth and a strange new cock in my mouth didn’t made me resist but wanted more of it. I was eagerly sucking his cock, and Paresh sir was groaning and was using all his slang words, which I never heard before. “Yes!” he groaned. “Choos, rundi Jorse choos Choos mere lavde ko hanh uhhh hanh. uhhh hanh uhhh aise chul rundi jorse!”

He grabbed my neck and pushed his cock further in. “Kaisaa lag raha hai mera lund, ” Sir asked, and it really choked my throat almost vomiting a lot of spit and sir applied the same to his cock and started rubbing it on my face. He withdrew his prick and asked me to lick his balls telling me, “Mera lund itna accha chusa hai tune ab use hi achi teri chudai mast karunga rand.Aaj teri chut ko chodke uspe mera laude ka thappa laga dunga aur tujhe meri randi banuga”.

“Apne kapde nikal, mujhe tere nang jism dekhne hain”. I was still holding his cock and sucking his balls and he made me stand hastily removed my sari petticoat blouse and seeing my breast he immediately pushing me back on the bed latched onto them and sucked and bit vigorously.

He proceeded to rip my soaked panties. Roughly pushing my legs apart kneeling down he licked my cunt “mmmhhhhh kay garam choot hai”. I was shocked to see what he did, never thought that anyone could lick out there. Paresh sir pushed me again he parted my legs and sank his cock in my cunt in a jerk with a strong push. I wailed at the assault “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh oooooooiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaaaaa”.

“Oohhhhhhhhhhhhh”, I moaned, warily looking at him, as Paresh sir entered his full prick deep in my cunt with one stroke. I too was wet, and my cunt lips were stretched fully in a moment, that pained me a lot. Paresh removed his whole prick outside fully and started to hit his cock in my cunt lips and again with one shove he again pushed his dick-head in. “aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uunnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhhhh”, I moaned feeling the pleasure of my cunt being stretched by his cock. “Bahut tight hai teri chhoot, tere ko chodne mein bahut maja ayega”, Paresh sir began moving his prick in and out of my cunt. I was lifting my buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. “Meri jan, teri chhoott to bahut giliye auur tiigghttt haii, majjja ayega roj terko chodne mein”.

I was just moaning in pleasure with his nice hard fuck and coming to know the same he was laughing and telling me, ” mujhhee maluum hai teriii chooti taras rahii hai, yehh ley jjor sse, yyee auur joorr seeaa”. He now was fucking me furiously, his balls slapping against my buttocks. “Hhaaiiiii uuunngggghhhh”, I wailed in pleasure as Paresh sir rammed me powerfully.

I held his arms tightly and all my nails were dugged in his arms as I wailed in pleasurably to a shattering orgasm. To be very frank it was just second or third time in my whole life I had a huge orgasm. Paresh sir immediately said “Nikal gaiye tere pani Kaisa laga, Maazzaa aayyaa”, he asked.

“Uunngghhhh hhhaaiinn”, I moaned softly. I was in throes of orgasm and continuously wailing, ” Aahh ooohhnn uunngghh uunnhhggg aarrrgg uunnn oohhhhhhhhhhh”. His balls were slapping my ass with each stroke. Paresh sir was about to explode, he did not withdraw, and instead he held my neck pulling me more towards him and inserted deep in and ejaculated deep inside me. For the first time I could feel hot cum splashing deep in her cunt.

Paresh sir and got up and sat in his chair nude and lighted a cigarette and telling me, that I was one hell of a fuck. I took my clothes and rushed out inside the bathroom.

I didn’t know standing in the small bathroom, to be very frank I loved it like anything but unable to understand how I could like it. The bathroom was wet so came out to wear my clothes. I saw Paresh sir waiting out there just in his pants bare chest and came near to me and pulled me back in his bed telling me, “Kay mast jism diya hai bagwan ne terko dil karta hai terko chodte raho, waise mere sath chudwae terko kaisa laga ”. I didn’t answer and wrapping my clothes on my body was trying to move the other side.

He told me to stay back as he knew my husband is not there and he fucked me twice in the night and again in the early morning before he let me go. Its seven years now that I am with Paresh sir and also have another daughter because of Paresh sir. After I had my daughter he tells me that the 50000 Rs he had stolen with his duplicate key so that I can have sex with him.

That’s my story.

Well I know Shilpa why I kept going because the sex I had with Paresh sir was so different and I felt that what I got from my husband wasn’t even 10% and Paresh sir was like a horse or sex god demon whatever. I love the way he fucks me I know its not traditional style the office fuck the quick stuff everything I love it. After a month or so he showed me all this porn sites and I got addicted to it what to do and made me addict to sex. But he always respected me in front of others never he made others feel that there is something between us.

That’s all Shilpa from me

Jan,4 2015
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